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Kincha Projects

Who we are

Our breadth of expertise covers Media, Music Management, Property Development, Electrical installations, and Events. The diversity of our operations, combined with a strong capital position and robust risk management structure, has contributed to our record of unbroken profitability. Kincha aims to transport long term profitability and shareholder returns, while managing risk and observing expected standards of corporate governance.
We are proud of every decision we make and this has earned the trust of our clients, colleagues, community and shareholders through the quality of our work and our high ethical values.
Kincha aims to promote long term profitability and drive superior and sustainable business value while meeting stakeholder's expectations of sound corporate governance. Throughout its history, kincha has encouraged its staff and businesses to pursue opportunities, while operating within a strong risk management structure.
Kincha builds influential alliances for effective sustainable economic developments and Strive for cumulative progress in the projects we undertake in the communities. Our leadership team has deep experience across the organization, while our Board of Directors comprises a diverse range of respected business leaders and our business objectives are:
Education, Cultural development, Health and Safety, Environment friendly and Rural Development



ISIKO FOUNDATON is a project that looks at the development of the diverse cultures of South African’s rich culture and heritage. The South African black majority still has a substantial number of rural inhabitants who lead largely impoverished lives. It is among these people that cultural traditions survive.  


Kincha Media

The company was started in 2007 to help clients to enhance their image through customized and comprehensive communication and production strategies. We continuously aspire to create a harmonious environment in the media industry,


Annual Collins Chabane
Cultural heritage Festival

This festival is a collaboration of 2 amazing concepts (The Collins Chabane Heritage Festival and the Collins Chabane Talent search) that are about the celebration of the colourful culture of the Limpopo people,


Annual Hlanganani Traditional
Music Festival

The festival aims to excite, inform and create a platform to showcase and promote the richly South African cultures and the superb natural heritage of South Africa to the people. This will be achieved through a marathon of music, arts and heritage by profiling indigenous south Africans Musicians, arts and culture exhibition.


Kincha Property Development

Kincha property Development was founded on the core values of character, courage and integrity. Rooted in a strong entrepreneurial vision, it is committed to bringing long-term value to our customers and partners through property development, investments and partnerships.


Kincha Electrical

Kincha (Pty) Ltd was found in 2004 trading as Mabasa Electrical then. Our company’s aim is to provide world class electrical installations.. We are carefully designed to accommodate installations that require high caliber skill and experience .



A well-established recording and management company that oversees the recording of the talented Benny Mayengani, Mash, Prince Rhangani, Percy Mfana, Jane Lebombo, Vuyelwa, Mash and Motoro



Sports house your sports destination. We cater for all sporting codes paying attention to the future heroes “Development activities”. We hope and trust that you will have a first time experience in sports through our website.



Footballer's lives magazine will be established as a must-read title with key articles on professional footballers and others within the well-loved sport. People will turn to Footballer's lives magazine for the ideas and trends behind the headlines.

Our Partners

Kincha Group acts responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners and employees and is committed to society and corporate environment. In both our business areas, regions and locations across South Africa, we are committed to technologies and products that unite customer value and sustainable development

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